Lucky Ticket Draw:

The success of our fundraiser is due in part of the generous contributions of our donors.

If you purchase a winning raffle ticket number, it will be marked “Winner” and the corresponding numbered gift is yours! Tickets will be sold in the following increments:

6 tickets = 50 Ron

15 tickets = 100 Ron

Gold Choice Raffle:

The Gala Committee is also offering a Gold Choice Raffle, which includes some of our more exclusive donations.

Each Gold Choice gift will have a gold box beside it. Purchase the gold raffle tickets and put as many as you like in the container next to the corresponding gift.  One lucky winner will be drawn from each container.

The more tickets you buy, the greater your chances of winning the item you really want.  It’s as simple as that! Tickets for the Gold Choice Raffle will be sold in the following increments:

1 ticket= 20 Ron

3 tickets = 50 Ron

8 tickets = 100 Ron

Remember that for both raffles, purchasing multiple raffle tickets will increase your chances of winning while at the same time support the fundraising efforts of the Gala.