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Good morning,

Thank you for purchasing a ticket for the Rock’n Roll 2020 Auction Gala.  Your support goes towards the AISB Scholarship Fund and the PTO Educational Grants.  
Due to the current health situation, we are very sorry that we have to announce that our Rock‘nRoll Gala will unfortunately not be taking place on Saturday, March 21.   This is especially sad as a lot of work has already been put in the organization of this traditional event, lots of sponsors have gotten involved and still support the Gala, performances have been practiced and tickets sold.  On behalf of us all, a warm thank you to the Gala Committee who has worked tirelessly for the past months and was ready to Rock’n Roll!

Together with the school, the PTO Executive Committee is working on Plan B, as we are also keeping an eye on the developments of the health situation in Romania.  In the weeks to come, we will get back to you with details about the new plans.

A big Thank You! to all of you for your support, enthusiasm and patience as guests, sponsors, helpers, volunteers. 

Looking forward to Rockn’Roll with all of you,

Stay safe,

Your PTO Team