22nd Annual AISB PTO Auction Gala

The Annual AISB PTO Auction Gala brings together over 250 members of the AISB Community in their wish to support the AISB Scholarship Program as well as the various grants that the Parent and Teacher Organization puts forth to encourage international students in their endeavors of being independent, innovative and engaged learners.  Alongside the school, the Parent and Teacher Organization has put together 20 editions of the Annual Auction Gala and each of the Galas has featured a special theme, presented amazing student artwork for the live auction, engaged participants in a silent auction for exquisite services and items and represented that moment in the year when elegance, good food and music came together to create unforgettable evenings.

Every year, the American International School of Bucharest (AISB), welcomes twelve students on full scholarships to either grade 8 or 9. These young men and women come into a unique international community from schools all over Romania and their experience in our school would not be complete without the contribution that the Gala makes each year.

The IB programme of studies and activities at AISB would not be complete without the support of the grants offered by the Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO). Over the years these donations have contributed greatly to the enhancement of our libraries, to our programs outside of regular academic studies, to bringing inspiring speakers and workshops into our community; thus, the educational experience of all our students better prepares them for the realities and challenges that they must face once they leave school.